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Our vision is to deliver measurable improvements in healthy ageing for our local population and to act as a catalyst for regenerating this East London Region

What we do - Innovation


We develop, test and scale innovations to create better outcomes.

NHS & OLS Test Bed Programme

Testing combinations of digital technologies with pathway redesign in a clinical setting with real patients to help transform the way in which healthcare is delivered

What we do - Education


We support service users, staff and system leaders to grow their careers and leadership.

Apprentice Nursing Associates in Social Care

Creating a new nursing role within Residential Care Homes & Domiciliary Care Agencies

What we do Research


We lead, host and co-ordinate research to learn about healthy ageing and regeneration.

Efficiency Research Programme

Identifying workforce operations used by other industries that could deliver improved efficiency in home-based NHS care.

What we do Care City Regenetation


We build systems of care that improve lives, careers, economies and communities.

Developing Barking Riverside as a Healthy New Town

Positively shaping the health outcomes of our local community, and rethinking how health and care services can be delivered


Care City Innovation C.I.C,
1st Floor, Barking Enterprise Centres CIC,
50 Cambridge Road,
Barking IG11 8FG

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