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In January 2016 Care City was selected as one of five national Health and Social Care Test Beds, and the only one in London. The Care City Innovation Test Bed seeks to test a combination of devices and software (below) alongside new approaches to service delivery and patient participation to assess whether we can measurably and sustainably improve the wellbeing and resilience of older people with long term conditions, older people with dementia, and carers.

For more information please watch this short video about Innovation at Care City.


Meet the Innovators



AliveCor is marketed as the first mobile heart monitor which can allow individuals to detect, monitor and manage heart arrhythmias with automatic analysis. This device can capture electrocardiogram recordings of the heart anytime, anywhere producing instant feedback. It has the potential to transform diagnostic pathways particularly for sufferers of undiagnosed palpitations. It allows patients to share their readings with clinicians, which in turn could support a local move of diagnostic services out of secondary care (hospitals) and into the community.


Canary is a monitoring and notification system which aims to provide round the clock reassurance to family members whilst allowing older or vulnerable people to stay at home. Canary allows family members to see at a glance via a mobile, tablet or laptop movement, temperature and visitors attendance. Alerts are tailored to the circumstances of the individual and Canary is able to text or email nominated people if anything our of the ordinary occurs, in turn supporting resilience and independence.


GaitSmart is is a digital sensor technology that measures gait kinematics.   GaitSmart test results generate a targeted exercise programme for the individual and are given at regular intervals to monitor changes and provide personal motivation. Alongside Care City, GaitSmart is undertaking a pilot with elderly individuals with the aim to reduce their risk and fear of falling and to improve their quality of life through a GaitSmart testing and intervention programme.

Health Unlocked   


HealthUnlocked is a social network app which offers peer-to-peer support where patients, caregivers and health advocates connect safely online with guidance from credible organisations and institutions. They talk about their experiences of conditions, symptoms, treatments and health services. These are catalogued in an intelligent database which signposts relevant content to people based on their profile. It presents an exciting opportunity to connect local people with wider communities of peer support, improve efficiency and will also help partners to meet the duties outlined in the Care Act.

Join Dementia Research

Join Dementia Research supports local people to register their interest in participating in dementia research and allows them to be matched to suitable studies. This innovation benefits people affected by dementia, and researchers by increasing the speed and reducing the cost of research. It has the potential to drive evidence-based improvements in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dementia into practice more quickly and to be generalised to other conditions.

Kinesis Health Technologies


Kinesis QTUG is a device which assesses falls risk and mobility providing objective assessments of gait, mobility impairment and frailty. It has been shown to be more accurate than standard measures and has been clinically validated. A systematic approach to assessing falls and mobility is essential if we are to become more efficient in preventing fall related injuries and avoid emotional distress caused by such incidents to individuals and their carers. |

St Bernard

The St Bernard location service is a GPS based Emergency Location Service which can reassure both the individual and their carer and family. It is particularly aimed at those who because of confusion may wander out of familiar surroundings; it can also provide activity monitoring.




Supported by the integration of Health Analytics and Orion Health