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Our friends at Reconnections, Barking & Dagenham recently asked for help in finding resources which could support local residents to remain healthy and active at home, particularly those who have been shielding over the past few months. After enlisting the help of our Twitter community, we received an overwhelming and generous response from so many people with a wide variety of tools and ideas. Many thanks to all of those who contributed. We have collated them into one place to share with the wider community. 

Aimed primarily at the over 60s, the links below include exercises to aid balance, aerobic fitness and bespoke exercises for various health conditions. They include videos, useful guides and websites from the NHS and public sector, charities and voluntary sector, and personal training and private sectors. Should you have any resources that you would like to share and see featured on this page, please email

Health Service developed resources

Print Guides

Keeping Well at Home Guide - Suitable for People of all ages, in particular those who are shielding.

Keeping Well at Home May192020 DOWNLOAD 1Printed guide developed by the University of Manchester to provide information to those who may be digitally excluded.

The free resource is specifically targeted at those who are currently unable to go outside, or have limited or no access to online resources.

The booklet contains practical information on home exercises, mental wellbeing, nutrition and hydration and how to stay connected to others.

Designed in close collaboration with members of the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network.

Video and Web-Based Guides

NHS: Fitness Studio exercise videos - Suitable for all ages

NHS: Fitness Studio exercise videosA variety of fitness videos including aerobic exercise, strength and resistance, pilates and yoga. Workouts vary from 10 -40 minutes. 

These exercises are not specifically designed for people with health conditions. If you have any reservations about doing these exercises then please consult your GP/Healthcare provider.

Charity and Voluntary sector resources

Print Guides

Royal Osteoporosis Society: Exercise and Physical Activity for Osteoporosis

Online videos and fact sheets for bone and muscle strengthening, keeping steady and caring for your back. 

Video Guides

Age UK: Online Video Workouts and webpage resource - Suitable for adults over 50, this resource signposts to various specific programmes for >50, >70 and for those who are shielding

Wide range of activities and exercise types (yoga, strength and balance, aerobic exercise) supported by the NHS, Arthritis Action and Nuffield Health. 

Find a specific programme to suit your own needs and abilities. 

Personal Training and Wellbeing resources

Print Guides


Video Guides

BeFit: Jane Fonda Walking Cardio - Suitable for all ages, dependent on fitness

26 minute video. Low impact aerobic class, walking a virtual 1 mile.

Consider discussing with your GP if your balance or cardio fitness are particularly compromised.


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