10 key lessons for implementing digital technologies in health and social care services, drawing on examples from the Care City test bed programme. Authors: Nadia Crellin, Chris Sherlaw-Johnson, Rachel Hutchings, Camille Oung, Lucina Rolewicz, Stephanie Kumpunen and Sarah Scobie - Nuffield Trust
Includes a case study on our work as an NHSE Test Bed, developing people in support roles, who often have the least access to technology, to improve the way they deliver care. Author: The Health Foundation

Care City Test Bed Co-Design Report 2020
 84.98 KB

Care City worked in collaboration with Good Things Foundation, experts in supporting citizens and partner organisations to overcome digital exclusion, to ensure co-design ran throughout the Test Bed Programme. Here is a summary of the insights and best practice we have followed. Author: Care City

Care City Test Bed Process Evaluation
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Key qualitative findings from NatCen's research into Care City's Test Bed. Author: NatCen Social Research

Care City Year In Review 2019/2020
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Author: Care City Our Annual Report for 2019-2020. This report summarises our work over the period of 2019-2020, shares our impact findings and introduces you to the team.

Care City Year in Review 2020/21
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This report summarises our work over the period of 2020-2021, shares updates on our work during the pandemic and introduces you to new members of the team.

Digital Innovation and the Health and Care Workforce
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Author: Care City An important element to a successful adoption and spread of innovation – or any intervention – is a confident and supported workforce. Adoption and scale is a social process; Treating this as something technical, without any regard to the social interactions and the work culture in play, ..

Evaluation of the Care City Wave 2 Innovation Test Bed
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An independent evaluation of the Care City Wave 2 Test Bed using a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative findings from Care City, service users, staff and innovators with quantitative analysis of uptake, outcomes, resource use and cost. Authors:  Chris Sherlaw-Johnson, Nadia Crellin, Rachel Hutchings, Camille Oung, Lucina Rolewicz, Lucina Rolewicz, Lauren Elias, ..
Author: Ann Raymond, Sachin Vadgama, Sonya Crowe, Steve Morris and Martin Utley, UCL This report summarises an evaluation of the work of Care City conducted by a team of Operational Researchers and Health Economists from University College London. It had two overarching aims: to assess the extent to which the ..

Healthy Living - Four Stories From the Future of Care
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Recipients of publicly funded care are sicker and more complex than ever, but care hasn’t changed. There is a growing gap between the job care staff are asked to do and the one they really do. Care staff need better pay and to be trained and supported to do better work. We ask ..

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