Care City Year in Review 2021/22

For the overall cause of health and social care in far east London, 2021/22 was amuch better year that 2020/21. The arrival of the Covid vaccine into the lives of somany more people reduced the very real fear that had transformed all of our lives. In 2021/2022 Covidhadn’t gone ..


Health Careers Hub in NEL

NEL HCP selected to launch a Health Hub as part of the Mayor’s Academies Programme


Remote monitoring in Primary Care

On behalf of UCLPartners we worked to inform the development of training materials and other resources for the primary care workforce, with a particular focus on supporting primary care professionals to confidently support their patients in using remote monitoring technology. This report presents the findings of this project with some ..


The growing value of XR

We were delighted to contribute to The Growing Value of XR in Healthcare report, that has been created in response to the pressing need to have access to more accurate and representative intelligence and market data to help inform emerging strategies and priorities within the public and private sector in the UK.


Providing a viable Domiciliary Care sector in 2021

This report shares our investigation into ways to improve pay in the local adult homecare sector, including our exploration into how we ensure more care workers in the borough earn a London Living Wage.


Providing viable dementia care services in NEL

This report details our work with stakeholder groups across North East London and recommendations for addressing the lack of uptake in virtual and remote consultations for dementia diagnosis and treatment. We also scope the requirements for a virtual dementia care improvement community for care homes.


Care City Year in Review 2020/21

This report summarises our work over the period of 2020-2021, shares updates on our work during the pandemic and introduces you to new members of the team.


Healthy Living - Four Stories From the Future of Care

Recipients of publicly funded care are sicker and more complex than ever, but care hasn’t changed. There is a growing gap between the job care staff are asked to do and the one they really do. Care staff need better pay and to be trained and supported to do better work. We ask ..


10 practical lessons for implementing digital innovations

10 key lessons for implementing digital technologies in health and social care services, drawing on examples from the Care City test bed programme. Authors: Nadia Crellin, Chris Sherlaw-Johnson, Rachel Hutchings, Camille Oung, Lucina Rolewicz, Stephanie Kumpunen and Sarah Scobie - Nuffield Trust


Evaluation of Wave 2 Innovation Test Bed

An independent evaluation of the Care City Wave 2 Test Bed using a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative findings from Care City, service users, staff and innovators with quantitative analysis of uptake, outcomes, resource use and cost. Authors:  Chris Sherlaw-Johnson, Nadia Crellin, Rachel Hutchings, Camille Oung, Lucina Rolewicz, Lucina Rolewicz, Lauren Elias, ..


WT - Enablement Champions

The Enablement Champion is an emerging role for experienced care staff who act as the expert in your team on particular health issues.


Care City Year In Review 2019/2020

Author: Care City Our Annual Report for 2019-2020. This report summarises our work over the period of 2019-2020, shares our impact findings and introduces you to the team.



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