What we have done...


Enabled early detection and treatment of AF through our One Stop Shop Pathway

The One Stop Shop Pathway finds people with undiagnosed AF & invites them to a One Stop AF Clinic for tests & treatment


Enabled provision of digital social prescription using Health Unlocked

Links GP professionals and residents to local support services that relate to holistic or conditions

Mrs Smith

Local delivery of a rehabilitation programme for people with chronic joint pain

Improving access to MSK services, through a programme that integrates educational self-management and coping strategies with an exercise regimen individualised for each participant


Why we are here for you

As the innovation delivery partner for the East London Health and Care Partnership (ELHCP) we want to work with you to address the health and social care delivery challenges that are relevant to you.

Facilitating discussions to understand the challenges and needs of your service 

Horizon scanning for potential digital solutions

Signposting to information resources or solutions

Connect you with potential innovators

Support for design, testing, evaluation

We collaborate with health and care, industry, academics both locally and nationally

NHS England
UCL Partners

Hear from the GP’s and pharmacies involved in our Test Bed Pilot

Public Service News

We innovate to create a happier, healthier older age for east Londoners, bringing people and tech together to solve tough challenges.

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Laura Gillett, the first face you meet at Care City.. well at least she was in the "Before Times" as Ben Williams calls the days when Covid was unheard of and “is that a residual hand?” was not a


Shilpi joined the Care City family in 2019 as Project Lead and since then has led on a number of diverse projects. She’s had a whirlwind year, starting it as Shilpi Begum and finishing it as


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