Our Vision

Care City is an innovation centre for healthy ageing and regeneration. We work as an innovation partner to East London’s health and care system. Everything we do is about improving health and the determinants of health.

Our strategic objectives


We lead, host and co-ordinate research to learn about healthy ageing and regeneration.


We develop, test and scale innovations to create better outcomes.


We develop our workforce and economy to improve inequalities by supporting service users, staff and system leaders to grow their careers and leadership.

Our principles

Healthy ageing

We care about connecting communities across divides to improve lives & developing health, wellbeing, lifeskills and building social capital in NEL. 

Healthy communities

We believe co-design with our stakeholders and communities is important to our future.

Well-being and control

We believe in a person-centred, asset based approach to health service design.

Productive care

We continuously look for new ways to improve health & care and the partnerships that can help us do it.

System change

We want to support the creation of resilient and happy communities in East London.


We want to influence across sectors and be an effective partnership organisation.


Care City Innovation C.I.C,
1st Floor, Barking Enterprise Centres CIC,
50 Cambridge Road,
Barking IG11 8FG

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